Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hi there. This is Alex, Ada's niece. Ada is still on a regular floor at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. She will remain in the hospital through her next round of chemo, early next week, to monitor her reaction to the drugs.

Ada is not up for taking visitors right now, but has been getting every card, phone message, and email that you have sent and she really appreciates those. It is helpful to know she is not walking this path alone.


  1. Thanks, Alex, for the update. This is Angela writing. Please tell your Tia Ada that up here in Cambridge we're holding her in prayer and telling Ada stories every day. Sending abrazos.

  2. Hola Ada!
    This is Pam. So glad to hear you are improving and getting all your numbers/stats going in the right directions!

    We all know May Day as a time to celebrate the power and contributions of labor around the world. I was just reading today about May 1 as the half-way mark between the Spring equinox and the Summer Solstice, and so as "Beltane", May 1 has also been celebrated as a time of great fertility and beauty in the Northern hemisphere. May you experience something beautiful growing within you tomorrow!


  3. Hi Ada. I'm just back from almost a month of travels-- since I last saw you. So I am just learning of all of your struggles in the reaction to the chemo. Glad to hear you are out of ICU and slowly regaining some equilibrium. When it's possible, we'll be back to visit. Meanwhile, keep resting and healing. Know of our prayers and much, much solidarity. It will be good to fill you in on an amazing global women's conference in Istanbul. And tomorrow Fred and I join hundreds of others on May Day with Occupy. We'll be thinking of you!