Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear family and friends :  Last night I came back home after 16 nights sleeping in hospitals.  It was a beautiful spring night and I felt like indeed I had started my pilgrimage to healing!  Of course being accompanied by two of my pilgrimage companions, Javi and Gloria, increased the memories of our pilgrimage to Compostela which the three of us (plus Alex, AJ, and Andy) successfully completed on July 11, 2007.  We walked for 35 days covering 500 miles, and I know they and all of your will help me succeed in this new pilgrimage to full health.  I am immensely grateful to each and everyone of you!  Please, stay with me, walk with me, pray with me and for me.
Yesterday I had the first session of chemo and I have had no side effects today, except perhaps a little bit light-headed a couple of times a day.  I have not felt today any different to how I felt before.  Good news indeed! I was able to take care of myself: shower, wash my hair, blow dry it (it will begin to fall off soon!) and get dressed -- except putting on socks and shoes for which I need help.
The Visiting Nurse came by and the good thing about it is that she listened to my lungs and they are clear.  The Dr. has also scheduled me to go get a chest x-ray next Wed. to keep on top of this.
Gloria left after being with me for 10 days for which I am immensely grateful.  I have had Javi as a wonderful companion all day.  He had cooked Cuban food for me and I enjoyed a great lunch and supper.
It was a beautiful spring day here so in the early afternoon we went outside and stood in the sun for a long while looking at the comings and goings in the streets below (I live on a hill)...  I had planned a little bit too ambitious walk but had to cut it short.  Later we went back out and sat on the stoop outside the main door of he building for a while and then walked the longer walk I had planned to do earlier.
I draw on your love and care constantly and thank you for the many messages and cards you continue to send me.  I hope that Javi's post about how to leave a response to the blog helps those of you who have wanted to do so and did not know how to be able to do so. 
Good night and blessed be!


  1. This is good news indeed Ada. Definitely keeping you in my prayers as well as all the people who are taking care of you on this journey. Un abrazo. Anne

  2. Cholita: I am so happy you are home and that you found your apartment in good shape. Those of us who have been to see you and stayed in your apartment worked hard to keep it up to par!! By the way...when I tried to publish my first comment it didn't work. Javi had to set up Google email account for me. Perhaps this observation will help other people. I know that Cusa also wanted to comment but couldn't figure it out. Love. Your sister Mari.