Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday night, April 18th

Hi, its Gloria, the family has asked me to share with all of you, that Ada is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Sloan-Kettering.

She was re-admitted to Sloan-Kettering yesterday because of having some reactions to her chemotherapy.  She has an infection throughout her body right now and they are treating her to help her overcome this issue.

I know that this was not Ada's plan for this week but I also know that she is a strong woman and pray that she will be able to deal with this adversity with the same spirit with which she has always lived.

Both of my sisters, Mari and Gracie are with her and she is also accompanied by our nephew Evelio.

We ask for your prayers for Ada,  she and the rest of us continue to believe that they make a big difference.

We know that many of you have called and also left emails, she is not able to respond to any of those at this time, hopefully, she will do so soon.

At this time, she cannot have visitors at the hospital.

Hopefully, most of this will change over the next few days and we will make an effort to keep all of you in the loop.

Until next time...


  1. Buenas Dias! This is Ada's friend Pam in Takoma Park, MD. Please tell her I am doubly keeping her in my thoughts and prayers and hope she overcomes this infection very soon. I was in the ER last week in a morphine fog from a fall and was meditating on what Ada must have been going through that same day (Thursday). During our Joys and Concerns time last Sunday at All Souls Church in Washington (I am a member as well as some of your family), our senior minister Rob lifted up Ada and spent some time talking about her gifts to the world, her courage and what the impact of her preaching at her nephew's wedding meant. So our entire congregation is also holding Ada and all of your family in our hearts! Much, much love..... Pam Sparr

    1. Thanks Pam, as soon as Ada is feeling up to it, we will be sharing the blog and the comments (that she has asked about) with her. Please thank Rob and the congregation for all of us.

  2. Ada has been in our thoughts and prayers. More strength to her. My registrar has put her on a couple of prayer chains ( Carmelites in Boston, and at St. Cecelia). So prayers are multiplying by the minute.

  3. This is Ada's other friend Pam in Thousand Oaks, CA.

    Thank you, Gloria and family, for keeping us updated on Ada. After I read this post, I went for a long walk, praying again and thinking too of Ada's presence, gifts and contributions. I also thought of some of the stories she told about her walking pilgrimage in Spain and the joy of sharing it with family members.

    Ada and you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Un abazo grande! Pam Brubaker

  4. Thank you so much for the update. Please tell Ada that she is in my thoughts and prayers . From Nila (maryknoll, new york).

  5. I join in praying for Ada's quick recovery. And I pray that she feels the love that surrounds her at this time and always.