Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hi friends, it is Gloria again and although Ada is still in the ICU at Sloan-Kettering, I have much better news to share with you.

They have been able to successfully fight her infection with antibiotics and her white cell count is up today for the first time.  Her infection was a byproduct of her first chemotherapy treatment. Although not unusual, it is serious and we are all very happy that she is working her way through it.

She is sitting up in a chair, having her first solid food for a while and should be transferred back to a regular room at Sloan-Kettering later today. She will still need to stay in the hospital for the next few days but she is back in a healing mode.

Although her spirits are improving as she feels better, she is still not up to talking to people or receiving visitors.  We are reading to her emails and comments from the blog and those continue to help her.  We hope in the next couple of days she will start listening to her phone messages.  We don't think that she will be up to responding for a few days but I did want to let you know that she is getting to hear what you have been sending to her.

Our sister Mari and our niece Alicia Maria are with her and keeping her company through this time.  So, she is not alone and also supported by the many prayers that we have been hearing about from her friends and family.

Thanks to all of you that are sharing the news with your communities, sending emails and voice-mails and praying.  It is wonderful to hear about and Ada and her whole family truly appreciate it.

So today, she will keep going and take a few more steps towards healing on El Camino...that is the best news!

Until next time...


  1. Ada my dear, I have not written before but have been looking for news everyday and thinking of you very, very often. I am holding you in my heart and sending all possible hopes for healing.
    much love,

  2. Hola Cholita...QUE BUENAS NOTICIAS!!!!! Ojalá prontito puedas regresar a casa. Pero tómatelo con calma y resignación...ya verás como todas las fuerzas de nuestros rezos te irán sanando...una celula a la vez!
    Muchos cariños...Hazel

  3. Hello Ada and family. ADa am glad to hear that you are getting better and overcoming those side effects of the chemo. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Perhaps someday we can compare notes. With you in spirit. Nila (Maryknoll, New York).

  4. Hello Ada and family. Ada am glad to hear that you are better and are overcoming those side effects of the chemo. Perhaps someday we will have a chance to compare notes . Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. With you in spirit. Nila (Maryknoll, New York).

  5. Dear Ada and family -

    I am so glad to hear that you are healing! You're in so many of our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Keep it up!

    love, Pam

  6. Ada--this is my first comment in a blog! it took a dramatic event and a very gracious set of instructions....
    at Drew we are all mindful of your process and prayerfully anticipating your recovery, knowing that the passage thru the chemo won't be easy. but when have you done 'easy'!?
    con un abrazo amiga

    1. In my mind and in my prayers, como todas tus amigas de Miami. Love you, be strong - Myrthica

  7. Ada, I am finally back from Assisi, where we had this conference on ecumenicism "outside of the box". It was fascinating and gorgeous. I have been thinking about you, holding you in prayer, and brought your name up a number of times to folks there. best, mary mcclintock fulkerson

  8. Querida Profesora y amiga
    Esta en nuestras oraciones aca en PR. Todos y todas nos unimos cada dia para enviarle nuestra fuerza y fe. Dios esta con ud y tambien toda la comunidad a quien tanto ha bendecido con sus dones.
    Un gran abrazo