Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear family and friends,

After a very good first day following the first chemo, night before last, yesterday, and last night have been not that good: body pain and constipation.  I just called the Dr. and he increased the pain medication and doubled the remedy for constipation... so I am looking forward to some relief this afternoon and a better night sleep.
My sister Gracie came in from Rochester yesterday and will be with me this week.  Javi went back to Miami after filling the freezer with three different kinds of soups and a couple of delicious Cuban dishes.  I have been eating pretty well...
I have been reading the emails many of you have sent me for which I am so grateful!!  I feel enveloped by your love, concern... and believe me, I am energized by your prayers and good wishes.  I beg you to continue to walk with me this pilgrimage to health...  Un abrazo -- two for each you send me!


  1. Just wanted to add that we have changed the settings for the blog to make commenting easier. When you go to select profile you can now simply select Name/URL and write your name into the appropriate slot leaving URL empty. This will sign your name to the post without requiring you to have a gmail account for verification. Hope this helps. Much love and Hugs Tia!

  2. Dear Ada Maria. So glad to hear you are surrounded by family and good food. I am sending all my good energy and prayers to you. I am sad, as I am sure you are, that we cannot learn and laugh together in Turkey in May. Keep good spirit and know that you are deeply loved and missed. Melanie

  3. Querida Ada Maria: Aqui estamos todas y hasta el Nino Piojo rezando contigo y por ti!
    He tratado de seguir las instrucciones de Alex y poner mi e-mail en tu blog pero como soy un desastre tecnologico no encuentro el lugar "follow by e-mail" para escribir mi e-mail,
    Es posible que vaya a NY este verano. Me daria mucho gusto verte si voy.
    Deja que todos te mimen ahora despues de todo lo que has hecho por otros! Tequiero mucho! Julita

  4. Hola Cholita...My love and prayers and with you. Dios 'Aprieta' pero no ahorca...te mande un mensajito en tu pagina de Facebook. Besos Hazel

  5. Jennifer Johnston McKennaApril 19, 2012 at 8:51 AM

    Dear Ada,
    I haven't seen you for a long time but thanks to Pam I learned of your whereabouts. It is a rotten deal you have cancer. I am reminding God day and night you are a servant and soldier for justice and peace and you must have a path of recovery!!! Dearest Ada, may God's healing strength be with you.
    Jennifer Johnston McKenna