Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hi there, it's Gloria.  I wanted to let you know that Ada has continued to make progress although she is still at MSK.  Her levels are back to where they should be and she is close to being stable.  Her legs are still very swollen from all of the fluids that they pumped into her when she was in the ICU.  They are draining very slowly, which makes it hard for her to walk.  So, that is what we are working on improving right now.

She is scheduled for her next chemotherapy for this Thursday, 5/3.  They are a bit concerned about her kidneys but we are hoping and praying that they are in good enough shape to be able to go forward with the chemotherapy.

Assuming all goes well, she is probably going to be released to a rehab place later in the week.  She needs to be able to walk a bit better before they can let her go home.  So, please keep your prayers coming and give a special thought to her kidneys in your prayers.  It is important that they stay healthy and working well for the chemotherapy to be able to do its job.

I have been able to talk to her over the last couple of days and it has been great to hear her voice.  She is hanging on and the messages and prayers bring her lots of hope.  They make a big difference!

My sister Tere is with her through Sunday and then I am going up for just a few days, so I will fill you in early next week.

Thanks again for all your support, it is appreciated by Ada and the whole family.


  1. Thank you, Gloria, for this update. Mucha fortaleza, oraciones, y energías de salud y recuperación para Ada y toda su familia.
    En solidaridad, María Pilar

  2. With love, prayers, and solidarity,

  3. Gracias, Gloria, por esta nueva informacion que nos das de Ada. Por favor dile que todas sus amigas (Mericianas) aqui en Miami estamos rezando por ella. Dile que hoy estuve con Bertica, Caloly y Estelita y lo primero que hicimos fue rezar por ella. Le das un beso y un abrazo de todas y de esta que te escribe - Myrthica

  4. Thank you, Gloria, for the update. Ada - and her kidneys especially- are in my prayers Thursday. Tell her I'm sending a big hug! Pam