Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday (the day we go home, yea!)

Well, Ada and I are hanging out while she gets her first chemotherapy treatment.  After much discussion, the attending decided that she might as well stay one more day and have her first treatment on an inpatient basis, so here we are.

Yesterday, they removed the drainage tube from her lung.They checked that today and the lungs look good.

She is still expecting to get her diagnosis regarding the primary site of the cancer, either tomorrow or Monday but we are glad that the chemo has started, that means the healing has started and that is a very good thing.

Her spirits are better, she participated in a Look Good, Feel Better workshop about using makeup when she loses her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, and got told to stop talking in class 4 times by the teacher, some things never change...

We are expecting the next few days to be a little rough but hopefully by next week, she will start to get her energy back.

I am heading back to Chicago tomorrow, so this is probably my last blog entry.  My sister Gracie is coming in next and we have already set her up to continue to blog, although I hope that Ada herself will start blogging by next week.

To all of you that have reached out and called, thanks and keep it coming, it is the best medicine for her.

Until the next time...

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