Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We met with the Doctors this afternoon. The news is not good. Ada's cancer did not respond to the chemotherapy administered several days ago. By now, if it had worked, she would have shown signs of improvement, especially in the production of liquid, which has gotten worse rather than better. The failure of the kidneys has continued to worsen also, and they relate it to the cancer severely impacting her entire body. We asked about alternatives, and they responded that there is nothing that can be done, other than make her comfortable.  They described the cancer as being very aggressive and at a quite advanced stage to be treated.

She has been told of her condition and has remained calm. She continues to be pain-free. Anti-anxiety medication and additional relaxing/pain relief medication are being administered. The Doctors said she is too sick to be moved from the hospital without causing her pain and suffering. When asked about prognosis for the development of her condition, the Doctors said that end of life may be near. Clearly they cannot predict how her body will react, but the longest period of time they mentioned was weeks (not months).

We suspect that many of you would want to come and say goodbye.  We understand and respect that desire, but her lucid time is likely to be very limited and even now she is overwhelmed when several people are in the room.  Therefore, please communicate with us via the blog or send an email to adamaria2012@gmail.com.  I apologize for it being a bit impersonal, we just don't have a lot of other options.

I will keep you updated as Ada takes the next step in El Camino...

We ask that you continue your prayers and support for all things that will help her in this moment


  1. Queridísima Ada,

    No tengo palabras para expresar mi cariño, mi admiración, y mi profundo deseo de contarte cuanto he aprendido de tí, y como has vivido tu vida. Por el momento te mando las palabras de Antonio Machado, las cuales convertiste en el himno constante de nuestro grupo de liturgia. Espero que te reconfortan un poco mientras que sigues en el camino tuyo.

    Mucho amor, fortaleza, y tranquilidad...

    besos miles,

    Caminante, no hay camino,
    se hace camino al andar.
    Al andar se hace el camino,
    y al volver la vista atrás
    se ve la senda que nunca
    se ha de volver a pisar.
    Caminante no hay camino
    sino estelas en la mar.

  2. Querida Ada,
    Estoy segura de que todas las vidas que has tocado y seguirás tocando en el porvenir con tu calor y lucidez, estamos contigo en solidaridad y afecto.
    María Pilar

  3. Love and prayers from Suzanne Duchesne and Paola Rosas...

  4. I send love and gratitude. The "Kin-dom of God," "La Lucha," and "El Camino" are three gifts you have given to me (and the world!). And there are three more: your love for studying the Bible, your courage to preach the gospel on the sidewalk, and your passion for justicia. But most of all you have given me the gift of your friendship. All love and prayers to you, dear Ada Maria.

  5. Dear Ada, I pray and hope that the Holy Wisdom walk with you through this path.

  6. Dearest Ada, mi hermana querida,
    Maria has said it so well: La Lucha, the Kin-dom of God, El Camino, your love for studying the Bible, your courage to preach the gospel, and your passion for justice--and most of all, your friendship: these are all the gifts I will treasure from you forever! And you gave me Cuba through your eyes, and that was a special gift, eh "Profe"? May the comfort and love of God, Creator, Redeemer, and Advocate be with you every moment of your life. I send you my love!

  7. Dear Ada Maria,

    May you be upheld by the Communion of Saints, the Angels of God and the Community of Peace and Grace. God's Beloved you are. Sending you my love and hugs.

  8. Querida Ada Maria:

    En el Seminario Evangelico de Puerto Rico hemos sido muchos los estudiantes que te hemos conocido a traves del estudio en las aulas. Muchas somos tambien las mujeres que "La Lucha" ha impactado y estamos en el Camino. Besos y abrazos desde Puerto Rico, la Isla del Encanto! Continuamos en oracion por ti!

  9. I am praying for Ada Maria and her entire family. She has been a blessing to so many and her teachings will continue in her students. Prayers for peace and comfort.

  10. Querida Ada María,
    Te tenemos en nuestros corazones y en nuestras oraciones. Te queremos y admiramos mucho.

  11. Miguel A. De La TorreMay 9, 2012 at 7:45 AM


    I thank my God whenever I think of you; and every time I pray for you, I pray with joy, remembering how you have helped to spread good news from the day you first heard it right up to the present. Ph 1:3-5


  12. Adita Querida,
    Te mando un fuerte abrazo. Cómo me gustaría poder estar ahí contigo acompañándote en estos momentos. Doy gracias a Dios por tu vida y por todos los regalos que nos concedió recibir de parte tuya. Estás en mis oraciones.
    Con admiración y cariño,
    Leticia Guardiola-Sáenz

  13. Queridisma Ada Maria: Mucho hemos recibido de ti y nos has dado mucha fuerza y animo. Que todo el amor y la energia que has puesto en tantos proyectos y tantas personas, te arrope en estos momentos y que como un boomerang te ayude en este momento.
    Un beso muy pero muy fuerte
    Ana Maria

  14. Querida Ada Maria,
    Oramos al Senhor por el milagro que Dios quiera hacer en ti. Tu has sido un milagro para todos los que te conocemos, porque nos has traido palabra de Dios. Que Dios te bendiga y sane de acuerdo a su voluntad. Un fuerto abrazo,
    Armando J. Rodriguez, Jr.

  15. Apreciada hermana:
    Esta noticia nos ha caido de sorpresa, en mi familia y en mi congregacion estaremos orando fuertemente por ti y por tu familia. Estamos contigo, desde Laredo, TX

    Pastor Moises Mendez

  16. Linda Mercadante and Jose Luis MasMay 9, 2012 at 8:22 AM

    Dear Ada Maria:
    Joe and I send love and blessings and many prayers. You have been an inspiration and real beacon for the Latino/a community.

  17. Querida Hermana,
    No puedo escribir cual es en mi corazon. I hope you feel so well loved and held by so many arms -- real and invisible, close and far away --the arms of us mere mortals and the arms of angels, of saints... May you feel our love as you continue to walk on El Camino!

    Ada, I am leaving to go work with Palestinian trade union women on May 20th and will be gone for about 10 days. Of course you will be presente as we talk about things that relate to Jeffrey Sachs and the World Bank! If you would like me to visit before I leave, I will gladly come to New York. Just have your family send me a note. Otherwise I will follow your blog and keep in touch by email while I'm away.

    Mil besos y abrazos,
    Pam (Sparr)

  18. Dear Ada Maria, blessings and prayers for you. You are surrounded by a community you helped to bring to voice and nurture. Offering peace, love, and healing thoughts in return.

  19. Dear Ada María,

    My prayers and thoughts are with you. I could not have completed and succeeded my DMin thesis without your guidance, and commitment to academic excellence. Thank you for your leadership, and service upon my life. May God's peace, presence and strength be with you.

    Pablo Diaz

  20. Dear Hermana, I am holding you in thought during this time, and am witnessing the community who is holding you in light.

  21. Dear Ada -

    Like many others, I am so grateful for the theological, intellectual, and sisterly gifts you have given us. I will not forget your care and solidarity, the many conversations about ethical issues grounded in our passion for justice, and our amazing travel adventures and encounters on three continents. May your journey continue in peace and love as your approach new horizons. You will live on in our hearts and lives - "Ada Maria, Presente!"

    Un abazo grande,
    Pam (Brubaker)

  22. Hermanita en Cristo,
    I thank God for your life! You touched my heart through your writing, your warm and loving Cuban presence, your love for justice. Seguiremos en la lucha, siguiendo tu ejemplo. Dios esta caminando contigo, ahora y siempre.

  23. Dear Ada Maria,
    Thank you for your courage, your adamant truth-telling, and your friendship. I was so blessed to be at Union with you. Your sense of humor and companionship always kept us going. Your insight and instinct for justice kept us scrambling to keep up.
    Love and blessings to you, dear sister.

    David Tatgenhorst

  24. Gracias, servidora de Jesus. Me has enseñado tanto y tanto. Otros continuaremos en la lucha, pero será en gran parte por todo lo que hemos aprendido de ti. En oración para que ésta jornada te lleve aún mas cerca de Dios a ti y a los que te rodean.
    Un abrazo,

  25. Desde Quito, Mitad del Mundo, donde hace poco mas de un año caminabamos por sus empinadas calles, te enviamos toda la familia Diaz-Garaycoa, nuestro cariño y nuestra fuerza para que ganes esta batalla.
    Espero poder acompañarte en tu aventura al Kilimanjaro, ponte la Cinta de la Virgen del Pilar en tu muñeca o en tu tobillo y Ella nos unira para CON LA FUERZA Y ENERGIA QUE ELLA DA, nos unamos en ese sueño tuyo.
    Estamos contigo y toda tu familia unidos en la oracion y en la esperanza. Que el Buen Dios te acompañe y mi Virgen del Pilar te ampare con su Manto.
    Fue maravilloso conocerte fisicamente y a traves de tus maravillosas "aventuras", mujer especial, que has sembrado una semilla tan profunda en tantisimos seres, que los frutos seran extraordinarios. Cuidate mucho. Te queremos fuerte. Un besote, Blanca

  26. Querida hermana,
    Nunca he tenido el honor de conocerla, pero usted ha sido y sigue siendo una inspiración inigualable para esta joven teóloga latina. Su vida y su fe son luces en mi corazón y en los corazones de toda la gente que usted ha iluminado a través de sus palabras y su ejemplo de vida. Está, y seguirá estando, en mis oraciones y mis pensamientos para que Dios la siga acompañando en estos momentos y siempre. Le mando un fuerte abrazo y todo mi cariño.

    Magalí Del Bueno

  27. Querida maestra I learned so much from you at the Hispanic summer program and from your writings and addresses. Thank you for the wonderful way you combine absolutely honesty with deep kindness. Las oraciones y pensamientos de nuestra familia están con usted. Un abrazo.

    Don Compier

  28. Querida Ada María,

    As we approach this weekend when we celebrate Mothers--I am remembering you in a special way--hermana, madrina to many, and a beloved tíalogian (to borrow a phrase from Gilberto C-G). Holding you close in prayer and, con tu amig@s y tu familia,accompanying you in solidarity amid this "struggle that is life for us because we have learned from our grandmothers and mothers that la vida es la lucha" (Isasi-Díaz, 1989).

    Abrazos fuertes!
    Carmen Nanko-Fernández

  29. Special prayers for my colleague Ada Maria.

  30. Dear Ada, my heart is with you, a heart filled with gratitude for all the caring accompanent you selflessly provided me till i finished my dissertation. You have encouraged me all the way to its publication. And even as i struglle to overcome this cancer! I am at White Plains hospital myself. Know that you are admired so greatly. YOU have been A CONSTANT and CARING FRIEND. dMaraming maraming salamat. Love, Nila

  31. Benjamín ValentínMay 9, 2012 at 3:25 PM

    Dear Ada,

    I wish I could be there with you in person. But please know that I am with you in spirit, holding you in thought and prayer.

    Te amo, te aprecio, y te admiro mucho,
    Benjamín Valentín

  32. Profesora Ada-Maria:
    Sigo orando por usted y su familia. Bendiciones.
    Cordelza Haynes

  33. Dear Ada.
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as you move along this phase of your journey. You are an amazing woman who has brought both joy and serious contemplation to those of us working on social justice. You are part of us as we are of you-an unbreakable circle.
    Much love and admiration.
    Barbara Weaver

  34. Querida Ada,
    Damos gracias a Dios por tu vida y ministerio. Tu has sido inspiracion y animo para todas las mujeres "en la lucha". Tus palabras y tu ejemplo continuan alentandonos. Nunca olvidare la cena que compartimos en Chicago, junto con Zaida Rodriguez, ni las anecdotas sobre tu parroquia.
    Con afecto y admiracion,
    Magdalena Garcia

  35. "well done, good and trustworthy servant; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things: enter into the joy of [the kindom]" (Matthew 25:23].
    Estimada Ada Maria, no tiene idea de los muchos frutos que su vida, obra y lucha han producido y continuan produciendo. Cuantas mujeres escuchan hoy el evangelio como mensaje de esperanza e inspiracion (y no de dominacion y opresion) gracia a ti, y cuantos hombres hemos sido transformados por tu obra viendonos obligados a enfrentarnos con nuestrapropia complicidad en esquemas de opresion y nos hemos convertido a la causa de la lucha cotidiana de nuestras amigas, colegas, hermanas, madres, etc. Tu palabra ha sido transformadora y tu obra poderosa! Doy gracias a Dios por ti! Amen.

  36. Dear Ada,
    We at Starr King School for the Ministry are praying for you with full hearts. May you be surrounded by the deep and manifold love that you have given to us. May comfort and peace be with you, and the gentle embrace of the Spirit. We thank God for you and are accompanying you through these days. With love, Rebecca Parker

  37. Carissima Ada Maria:
    My thoughts and prayers have been with you in the past weeks and your whole Starr King School family has been praying for you. Thank you for the ways you have enriched our schools, our churches, our communities, our spirits and our theologies. Thank you for all the challenges you helped us to engage with, for your generous support and great human warmth. Thank you for your powerful books, that I will keep engaging personally and in my classrooms.
    I will keep holding you in my prayers.
    Un abbraccio,
    Gabriella Lettini

  38. Ada/Cholita: Dios te trajo a este mundo para que tocaras la vida de todos los que se cruzaron en tu camino. Dios te lleva consigo para que cuides de todos los que aquí dejas y sigas inspirándonos para continuar haciendo SU labor. Gracias por todo lo que dejas, lo que inspiras, y tu amor que tan abiertamente compartiste por el mundo. Te quiero mucho y siempre estarás presente en mi corazón. Mis oraciones siguen contigo y tu bella familia. En la unión esta la fuerza y tu familia nunca ha estado mas unida. Hazel

  39. Dear Ada Maria,

    I still fondly remember our trip to Cuba, which you made possible, to meet with colleagues there. Thank you for your contributions to theology, your insights, and all your support throughout the years. Has luchado la lucha con toda tu alma y todos somos mejor gracias a ti. Que Dios te bendiga, te cuide, y te llene de su paz y amor.

    Luis Pedraja

  40. Mi querida Ada, Hay hermanos y hermanas de todo el mundo orando por ti. Te amamos y le pedimos a Dios que te de paz y tranquilidad. Gracias por dejar que tantos de nosotros y nosotras aprendieramos de ti, de ejemplo, y profunda vocacion cristiana.


    Carlos Cardoza

  41. Adi madrina, solo paso a dejarte un abrazo fuerte, lleno de paz de fe y olor a guayabas… un abrazo largo, lleno de buenas fuerzas y dulce como los casquitos y la mermelada ¡ de guayaba también!

    Estoy aquí, pero “ hacia ti, contigo”

    ¡Claro que te quiero muuuuuuuuuuuucho y siempre, ya lo sabes!

    Besos de sol cubano que llenen tu espacio esta mañana y todas las mañanas, hasta el rayito verde

    (Mira que hemos visto cosas maravillosas e increíbles)

    Todo mi amor y deseos de bien para ti, que no caben en palabras...

    La lunita
    Daylins....desde Cuba...

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  43. Ada, no la conozco, pero le pido a Dios por usted y su familia. Dios nos ha bendecido mucho con usted y sabemos que el esta en control de todo. Usted es una hija de Dios. Bendiciones...

  44. Querida Ada María,

    Our thoughts, prayers, and good wishes are with you. We pray for a good and speedy recovery. You have been a blessing for many, ourselves included. We are thinking much of you, and want to send our love to you. Dios te bendiga.


    Nelson Rivera & Sara Calderón

  45. El Espiritu del Senor Dios esta sobre ti y por lo tanto tu vida continua eternamente! Paz y bendiciones en el camino!

  46. Dear Ada,

    I wish you grace and peace in these difficult days and want you know what an important part of my life you have been over these many years. Your gift of the kindom of God helped salvage my own faith and is something I now share with my daughters. Your welcoming of me as a (younger) sister into the ecumenical movement has been deeply meaningful for me and has served as model for how I hope to welcome and nurture the women who follow me. Your dedication to solidarity and justice have always been a witness to the power of activist scholarship. Know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers even as I wish for you joy and peace.

    Toddie Peters

  47. Dear Sister,
    One of my fondest course memories at Drew was being met each morning by your smile and warm "good morning sisters" greeting. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Kris Black

  48. Dear Ada,

    I want you to know how much your life, work, and words have meant and continue to mean to me, as have your energy and friendship, even though we have not seen each other often. You are and will always be an inspiration to me in la lucha/la vida. Your life and words nourish my own, and I have been privileged to teach others about them. I send love, prayers, and an immense GRACIAS to you, dear hermana.

    Jane Redmont

  49. Ada Maria. La paz de Dios te de abrigo. Que la ternua de Dios, madre de bondad te fortalezca.
    Carmelo Alvarez

  50. Estimada Ada, Leí su trabajo cuando era seminarista en 1990...me impactó mucho. Ahorita que aprendo estas noticias, me uno en oración con todas las personas aquí que su camino sea sin dolor, con mucha paz, que sepa que las estrellas le esperan. Lee Crawford, sacerdota episcopal/anglicana.

  51. Querida Ada,

    A lo largo de muchos años nos has dado tanto y, con tanto cariño,ánimo, y sentido de humor, nos has acompañado “en la lucha.” En estos momentos tan difíciles puedes estar segura que nosotros te acompañamos a ti con nuestros sentimientos, pensamientos, y, especialmente, nuestras oraciones.

    Un fuerte abrazo,

  52. Altagracia Perez MaceiraMay 10, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    Amada Ada! I am now so very grateful for our time at AAR, however brief. It was wonderful to see you and to be warmed in the glow of the warmth you always offer. Remembering shared times and just sitting together reminded me of how much I appreciate and love you as a big sister and a role model in this work. I am sorry that I will not have you to bounce ideas off of as I take this unknown foray into the academy, but I know that my work will be made so much easier because of the work you have done and the life you have lived in the struggle form women's voices everywhere. I know that my confidence, and even my imagining that I could do this is because of you and other women like you that have done this work and excelled making it easier for us to find our way. I love you and am praying for you as you journey through another big life transition. You have had so many and have always managed them with dignity and grace. I suspect this will not be the exception. Just know that you do not go alone...tus hermanas van contigo...love you. Alta (or Altita which only you ever called me : )

  53. La Paz del Señor sobreabunde en cada familiar y en la vida de Ada en medio de la lucha. Has sido una fuente de bendición abundante para los que recibimos tus aportaciones, enseñanzas, tus sonrisas. Hemos sido bendecidos y bendecidas con tu persona.

    Rev. Maribel Piña

  54. Amada hermana Ada
    Mis ojos estan inundados de lagrimas al saber de tu condicion actual. Tu y yo nos conocimos hace muchos anyos atras en una Consulta de mujeres hispanas y tu me has sido de mucha inspiracion. En estos momentos sabe cuanto te amamos y te admiramos. Ruego que el Senor Jesus se te haga mas presente que nunca antes jamas y que Su presencia te provea tus anhelos mas profundos. Recibe un abrazo en el amor del Senor y que Su paz inunde todo tu ser. Espero nos veamos y poder reconocerte en nuestra bendita esperanza. Tu hermana Aida
    Rev. Aida Luz Beltran-Gaetan

  55. Dear Ada Maria,

    You are a blessing. The world is fuller, more loving, virbant, and just because of your life and learning and generous heart. I am fuller, more loving, and justice focused for knowing you. And I am so grateful to have had time with you serving on the Board of Starr King School. I am honored to know you and sad for what you are going through. I know you are surrounded by love and am humbled to be a part of your community of prayer and friendship. Bless you, Ada Maria. You have certainly blessed me.
    Yours with loving gratitude,
    Rev. Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar

  56. Cecilia Gonzalez-AndrieuMay 11, 2012 at 6:26 PM

    Querida Ada y familia:
    Es un privilegio cada vez que puedo darle a mis alumnas/alumnos tus desafiantes palabras llenas de sabiduría. Que hermoso cuando sus ojos se abren, y vemos esos destellos de comprensión que tus les haces llegar. También me conmueve ver a la comunidad tan bella que se ha reunido aquí en este espacio mundial alrededor de ti, representantes todas y todos de ese banquete de plenitud del cual compartiremos algún día contigo.
    Te daria un fuerte abrazo bien cubano en persona, pero desde lejos te mando un ramillete de oraciones,


  57. Luis Rivera-PaganMay 12, 2012 at 11:01 AM

    Sorry to hear these very sad news. But we can and should feel proud and grateful for Ada María’s life and achievements. She always made her presence felt, indeed! And when the time comes to mourn her absence, we will celebrate her life and deeds in joyful memory.

    Let us also keep Otto Maduro in our hearts and prayers, who is undergoing his new cancerous via crucis. Also Rubén Rosario-Rodríguez’s son, Rafe, who spent his fourth birthday in a hospital. Rafe is suffering from a serious cancer that has weakened his young and small body and deeply saddened the hearts of his father and mother.

    May God bless Ada María, Otto, and Rafe!

  58. our meeting and love go way back to the hectic days of the Women's Ordination Conference - you stood before us as a model of courage and compassion...seeing you once again in S.F. just a few short months ago filled me with joy.....
    i am so saddened at the news of what sounds like your final days
    I will hold you in my heart forever............
    peace, healing and love , my sister

    eileen walsh